how many is too much

I’m so excited to meet Kak Suraya this coming monday to confirm a suitable bridal package. I had booked Chinta for my wedding since years ago! (yes, 3 years ago. why? later i storytelling) Initially the package i signed up before she took over Chinta includes 8 outfits (for both event and photoshoot) plus indoor/outdoor photoshoot but 3 years on she cant expect me to pay the same price for that much service. of course i understand her because inflation is a BITCH.

Now, after much consideration, i think 8 outfits is beyond what i can managed. I am tailoring my nikah costume so if i continue to take 8 outifts im gonna have a major headache deciding what to wear when, when to wear what and what is what. Confused? See what i mean.

Hopefully i can come to a solid conclusion after meeting her. One tip from future sis-in-law: Cut down on the unnecessary to avoid future complications. True that. *thumbs up*


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