One down and more to go..

Im SSSOOOO happy and elated that we’ve finally come to a decision on an perfect bridal package after meeting Kak Suraya! 🙂

In addition to that, we also engaged Abg Yazid from Lane 60 to be our pre wedding photgrapher! Btw.. it wasn’t a implusive decision. Initially, when we heard about Lane 60 last year, i hesitated and unconvinced with what he can produce because the company is still considered “green” and i could not get alot of reviews or feedbacks from his work. Little did i know Abg Yazid used to work with a well known wedding photography company for some impressive years before leaving and went solo. After a short visit to his place at Woodlands to look at his pieces, I was pretty amazed at his work. By the way he speaks, I can tell that Abg Yazid is very enthusiastic as a professional photographer. He is full of fresh new ideas and loves/dares to do something different. He gave a handful of suggestions as to what me and fiance may want to do for our pre wedding shoots. One of which im considering is taking portraits in the middle of a busy Orchard road with white wedding dress! (i think i came across a similar background years ago and i really liked it!) Me and fiance are definitely looking forward to work with him on our upcoming shoots in September, insyallah.

Anyway, now back to Chinta, had fun trying out all the different tanjak for fiance because he is also getting into the moods of the wedding preps. Kak Suraya was very helpful and patient that she even layan my husband-to-be with his dream ideal tanjak! He and his karena.. She even let us take photos with it so we can show it to whoever we think is relevant to give their opinion.

I, on the other hand, was taking chances and browsed through the bridal collection when i came across this peachy songket and fell in love with it at once. Kak Suraya said the songket is the heaviest outfit she has and i can tell why; the embroideries and cloth are made of superb quality. Im a die hard songket lover so, to wear one with sanggul lintang on the event day is a must and part of the plan from the very beginning of this whole process. *excited much can!*

Then… in the midst of all the excitement there, sister in law texted me and asked what is the color of my baju sanding.. I panicked! Mestilahkan.. i haven’t do any selection of outfits yet.. i cannot even gauged whether it’ll be light or dark tone, because i have not seen ALL the baju. I may have what i want in mind but nothing is confirmed yet because i need to consider the background of my deco and the variety of outfits that im gonna choose. So that’ll have to wait till July.

Overall, it was indeed a fruitful meet-up and we were absolutely satisfied with how smooth-flowing the day went.. 😉


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