Vera, the Russian Blue

Vera is turning 1 year old soon. I got her from a pet shop at Holland V, All Breed Pets Shop, about late last year. Believe it or not, I’ve been looking for a Russian Blue for freaking 2 years only to know that this shop carries this breed. They have alot of other popular breeds like the British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon, Siamese etc.

I know many cat lovers disagree with purchasing cats from pet shops and believe that by adopting strays or one from a shelter will make these felines live better lives because there are cats which had been and/or are living in difficult conditions. They think that all cats should be given the same treatment not based on their fur texture, color or breed characteristics. From the perspective of a catlover myself, i agree and understand their sentiments and concerns but let’s question ourselves again, do cats from petshops really have better quality life than strays? When i visited the petshop again the other day and saw all the gorgeous beautiful cats behind the glass, i said “oh dear..” and i felt.. sad. i wonder if these lovely cats will EVER have a proper home, and how much longer are they gonna be stucked into the routine of being trapped in an enclosed place (i learnt that they are rotated to another place every other week).

The first time i saw Vera and her sister, i half heartedly choose her, only her, and left the other behind. (im so teary now!) later i hated myself for seperating the only family Vera had; her sister. i never went back to the shop for a very long time. i only did once after a petschannel forumer mentioned that someone had bought Vera’s sister and pray that she is also in a better home herself. sigh.

i still feel guilty, though.. 😥

Vera is currently my ultimate obsession (besides the wedding) and i hope that i had been a good carer for her.. I am happy that mom and brother are approving of her and love her just as much as i do.

Vera, on the first day we brought her home.

Vera carried by fiance. She is known to be quite friendly to strangers.

On her new bed which she rarely sleeps in now because she outgrown it.

She was getting used to her new home.. 🙂

Vera was neutered so she had her e collar on.

Quite a playful one she is.

Sleeping on my bed.