Shelter over head

I don’t understand why is it so hard to find a decent home in Singapore. Why has there been a surge of applicants doubling up to the number of units offered. Yes, I know the population has tremendously increased for the few years and somehow everyone is pointing fingers blaming the government for the leniency to foreigners’ entitlement or lack of vision to housing problems. I don’t give a freaking damn about any of it.

It’s really frustrating to be disappointed over and over again when you find out that you didnt get the balloted queue number within the number of units that are available. I think Singapore is the only country that has this stupid balloting system – just saying unless I honestly have better suggestions. Worse of all, every unit is shrinking in size and the price has gotten sky rocketed high. I almost give up hope!

I’m not being ungrateful for what my life has given me or the fact that I still DO have a shelter over my head with mom, but I do want to be able to bring up my kids in my own home. A space where you can enjoy privacy and ownership. I wonder if anyone EVER understands my ranting over this. Sigh.

Me and fiancé are considering resale flat if our next application does not get through and that will be next best alternative to fit both our preference and financial needs.

I’ve been surveying a couple of flats online which carry more than what we ask for with low cash up fronts, ALOT spacious and cost almost the same as BTOs. The only setback about resale flat is you are unlikely to find a house that suits your personal taste or concept and you’ll have to end up paying more for renovation works due to hacking etc. But that is my least worry, really. As long as I have a place to call my own home, I can make do with anything to feel comfortable.


Bride and godzilla

Last month, as i was flipping through channels at my aunt’s, i came across this documentary on Women Entertainment about BRIDEZILLAS! we know what they say about being one montrous bride-to-be, but i always believe that every women has a tiny weeny desire to be this infamous iconic label because of its immediate effect on attention and glamorous stature. 😀

Karen is one of the huge highlights in this programme because of her quick tougue to judge anyone below her. Her words were uttered like there’s no affect in this world. She is ruthless and her downright inappropriate character made her a popular lookup bridezilla in the internet – some impression she had made for herself. Do watch because she is ridiculously entertaining..


Dark sides

Had a chat with a colleague at work the other day about a young Malay girl in her early 20s who came to the department with her bloated stomach for 3 months after giving birth. According to her parents, she hadn’t been herself, reserved and hostile, and vomiting blood since then. They had brought her to see many physicians before but they still couldnt find the cause to treat her. She later died after a day or two in the hospital.

Recently, I encountered a similar complaint from a 29 years old patient. She had been vomiting blood for couple of weeks but no signs of distention. She was discharged against medical advice from another hospital 2 days earlier and was forced to come to us for further treatment by her family and friends. She obviously looked pale and weak due to the tremendous blood loss, her lips were badly cracked with dried blood and her eyes were dirty yellow. Initially, i thought she probabaly has some autoimmune disease or kidney problem but later found out that she has no known medical history. She was a healthy person before this. The doctors were as clueless and puzzled at her blood results but still couldnt get a provisional diagnosis. She was sent to the ICA.

i didnt think of anything out of the usual. As a healthcare provider, we treat patients based on their clinical assessment and follow their progress as per protoccol. And being me, i’m a super practical person. in other words, im not so kolot la kan. Although i know such phenomenon exists, i am unlikely to give “supernatural” a priority to every reasons or stories. Adalah orang yang sikit2 benda jadi tak baik jer, cakap kene buat orang la bomoh la etc etc.

However, these two stories are no coincidental and teased my skeptical thinking. I wonder what this two women have done to deserve such sufferings. Kadang2, jadi manusia ni susah.. Jadi baik org jeles, jadi jahat org benci.. haiz. I know it’s a sin for us to believe such karut but “black magic” comes from way before and still possible in the modern world. Ishk seliseh! i pray that we avoid such evil doings and deeds, and embrace the teaching of Islam and only in Him we seek help and guidance.